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Walking to the Promised Land

  1. Wilderness Walking: Trust, Delight, Commit
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  2. The Blessed Life Ever: Walk in the Ways of the Lord
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  3. Flawless Footsteps: Walk as Christ Walked
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  4. The View From Down Here: Walk Humbly
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  5. Watch Where You Step: Walk Carefully
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  6. Keep on Keeping on: Walk by Faith
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  7. Stay out of the Shadows: Walk in the Light
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  8. Follow Your Guide: Walk by the Spirit
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  9. Walk Tall: Walk Uprightly
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  10. Choose Wisely: Walk with Wise Men
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  11. Love, That's All: Walk in Love
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  12. When No One's Looking: Walk in Integrity
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  13. Be Good Do Good: Walk in Good Works
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  14. Leave Your Past Behind: Walk in Newness of Life
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  15. Remember Who You Are: Walk Worthy
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  16. Walk with the Father: Walk with God
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I’ve seen it written in many places, in many different ways, over the past few days:

“Time slow down!”

“Don’t blink!”

“Where does the time go?”

My own variation on a status update as I posted the grades my children will be in this year: “How is that even possible??”

The swift passing of time becomes all too clear with back to school snapshots, senior portraits, collages of childhood—from the first day of Kindergarten all the way up to the last-first-day of grade school.

Time is a sneaky thing. One day dragging you along and the next minute leaving you in a tail spin, dazed and wondering where all of the years have gone.

As I’m reflecting this week on how quickly my children are growing…as the house is quiet except for the mumbling of the dryer…as I’m missing the sound of busy and loud; I’m reminded of what the Bible says about time. Here’s what the Holy Spirit has told us:

1. Time is fleeting. If there’s something you want to do—something important—something that could make a difference in your life or someone else’s…NOW is a good time to do it. Our life is a vapor (James 4:13-17)—here for just an instant and then it’s gone. We aren’t promised tomorrow…or even the next hour. Make every moment count, because moments matter. Trips to Disney are fun, tickets to games and shows are awesome…but don’t overlook the heart-shaping, character-building opportunities that are found in simple, undecorated moments. Driving in the car to the store, sitting on the edge of the bed in the morning, tucking in little bodies under the covers at night, working together in the yard or in the kitchen, swinging at the park, building forts under the kitchen table, playing in the backyard…enjoy the gift of each moment. Define those moments with words of love, encouragement, and wisdom because snapshots of meaningful moments can create a beautiful gallery of memories.

2. Time is ending. Jesus told His followers that the end would come. No one knows the day, no one knows the hour, but Jesus will come back and when He returns, time will be no more (Matthew 24:14, 36). Only God knows when that will happen, but as God is a keeper of promises, we can know that it will happen. There will be a point when the fullness of time is reached and all things in Christ will be brought together in the heavens and on earth (Ephesians 1:10). Because the Holy Spirit has told us that there will be an end to this life, we have to consider what comes next. What happens after the fullness of time is reached? Time will end, but your soul is eternal. Where will you go? The answer to that question is determined by how you live and the choices you make in this life now. Teach your kids what is most important. Teach them to live with a heart set on Heaven. Teach them to tell time with an eternal watch, using the hands of God as their guide.

​3. Time is valuable. Because it is fleeting…and because it will end…time is exceedingly valuable. Time offers us opportunities in the present and we should take hold of them as often as we can. Paul told the Christians in Ephesus to “Redeem the time!” meaning they should rescue opportunities from the world and use those occasions for good before the world uses them for evil (Ephesians 5:15-16). How are we taking advantages of opportunities we have with our children? Are we redeeming moments with them? Time is precious, a gift that we are given temporarily, and we have to be careful how we use it. In fact, the Bible says we should “number our days” (Proverbs 90:12), in other words, use our time wisely, knowing that we won’t be in this earthly life forever. Once a moment is passed, it is gone forever and can never be relived. This means that each and every moment is invaluable and requires the care of a faithful steward.

As we live out the moments of this life, and our breath is occasionally taken away by the swift and surprising work of time, I pray that we consider what we know from the Bible: time is fleeting, it will one day end, and its value is immeasurable. Be mindful of moments, maintain an eternal perspective, and take hold of every opportunity to do good.

With Love!