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Wondering What to Believe?

  1. Does Nature Give Proof of God?
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  2. Can I Hear God's Voice?
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  3. Who is God?
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  4. Who Wrote the Bible?
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  5. Can I Trust the Bible?
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  6. Is there a Right and Wrong?
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  7. Why Does God Allow Evil?
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  8. Who Am I?
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  9. What is the Meaning of Life?
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  10. Does God Love Me?
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Lesson 5, Digging Deeper 3
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The significance in the magnitude of New Testament manuscripts compared to other ancient manuscripts.

Among the reasons that could be true would be the following:

a. The documents of the New Testament were highly valued because they were the writings of apostolic men (apostles and friends of the apostles) who were directly connected with Jesus of Nazareth.

b. These documents contained important spiritual messages related to pleasing and serving God. These were the words of eternal life (John 6:63) that would guide God’s people (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

c. Love for Jesus created an intense, passionate desire to copy these valuable messages and make them available to others.

d. Pagan governing authorities and other persecutors sought to destroy these documents so it was necessary to make many copies and send them to others who would also make copies.

e. God in his providence preserved these documents so that his word could be faithfully transmitted to people everywhere then and in future generations.

f. After the death of the apostles, oral transmission alone of the word could result in faulty understanding and practices, especially with succeeding generations. Written documents would provide a strong foundation and correction against misunderstandings and wrong interpretations.