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Seeking the Family of God

  1. Am I In Christ?
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  2. What is the Kingdom of God?
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  3. What is the Church?
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  4. Why Are There So Many Different Christian Religions?
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  5. How Can I Know the Will of God?
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  6. How Do I Pray?
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  7. What is Worship?
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  8. What is the Significance of the Lord’s Supper?
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  9. How Do I Become Like Christ?
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  10. What if there is no New Testament Church Near Me?
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Lesson 6, Digging Deeper 2
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The narrator in the video stated prayer is “about us being conformed to God’s will for us and asking for His help to accomplish this.” How might this effect the way we talk to our all-powerful God and Father who wants an intimate relationship with us?

Prayer focuses on God, not us. It recognizes that God is holy and the creator and giver of all good things. Prayer is submitting ourselves to do the will of God. It is not so much getting our will done in heaven but in getting God’s will done on earth through us. Prayer is not magic or mystical. We don’t believe “in prayer”, rather, we believe in God. Prayer is communicating with our heavenly Father. In prayer we think about our awesome God who is transcendent (i.e., far beyond us) and who at the same time is personal (i.e., very close and endearing to us).

In prayer, we recognize God for who he is and our dependence on him. We recognize that we need his help, strength and guidance to live and survive. This means that we are humble and submissive, not proud or self-righteous, when we talk to our Father. In the model prayer, Jesus teaches us to first acknowledge him, honor him, and desire that his will be done before we express our requests. God does not need us. We cannot add to him or make him any more or less God by our life or prayers. He is God with or without us.

The amazing thing is that he wants our fellowship and our love. He delights in our prayers. We honor God by praying and expressing our need for him. When we pray, we enjoy intimate fellowship with God our heavenly Father.

Psalms 66:20

Blessed be God,

because he has not rejected my prayer

or removed his steadfast love from me!