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Stay Evangelistic by Josh Webster

Evangelism (2 Tim 4:5), teaching others (Matt 28:20), preaching (Mark 16:15) or discipleship (Matt 28:19), no matter what term you’re more comfortable with, the objective is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Sometimes this seems like an impossible mission. Busy lives and hectic schedules make it difficult to see others as souls of opportunity. Perhaps that’s where we should start. By examining our own lives and honestly considering how we invest time, energy and resources, an accurate assessment of how committed we are in spreading the message of Christ can be found. Satan is very successful in distracting Christians from the cause of evangelism by putting “busy” things in their lives. Jesus’ words in Matt 6:33 remind us of where our first priorities should be. Sharing our faith doesn’t happen by accident. Consider the parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-20. The sower (farmer) must prepare to sow the seed.It’s an intentional act (sowing). An act that must take place at the proper time, using the proper seed for the climate. In Jesus’ parable the seed represents the message of the Gospel and we (His followers) are the sowers. We must prepare and plan for evangelism.

Where do we share our faith? Everywhere!!!!! However, contemplate Jesus’ statement to the early disciples in Acts 1:8 when he told them that they would be a “witness to Me in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Notice the progression, the early disciples were to begin spreading the word first in their native land and then proceed to the rest of the world. Christians today should take note of the early evangelism model. By beginning at home (our own families, neighborhoods, communities, counties, states, region, and country) we develop the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to navigate the difficult climate (cultural, political, etc.) of foreign missions. A Christian should first learn to evangelize in their everyday lives thus providing the focus and predisposition that is required for further mission efforts.

Evangelism isn’t always easy. Psalm 126:6 is a good verse that reminds us how teaching others is often difficult but ultimately rewarding. “He who continually goes forth weeping (Luke 19:41), Bering seed for sowing (Matt 13:1-23), will doubtless come again rejoicing (James 5:20), bringing his sheaves with him (Matthew 9:37-38)” Psalm 126:6. Consistently focusing on evangelism and spreading God’s work (the seed), though it often prove difficult, will ultimately produce a joyous result.

Sometimes barriers (or perceived barriers) make it difficult to share Jesus with others. Perhaps a Christian doesn’t know what to say to begin a discussion. Or maybe the perception that a discussion/ disagreement of religion will strain the relationship hinders a believer from sharing their faith. Certainly these are real fears that create difficulties for evangelism, however, the command to share ones faith is absolute. God expects His followers to bear fruit (John 15:8).

Christ told a parable in Luke 13:6-9 about a fruitless fig tree. The story serves as a representation of how God gives everything a Christian needs to thrive and be productive in this world. In this story the fruitless fig tree was destroyed and disposed of. Being an unproductive Christian is a “slap in the face” to a generous God who provides everything required for a Christian to be fruitful. Certainly God has the right to expect His children to produce fruit!

Discipleship is taken seriously by those who are true followers of Christ. A person cannot be pleasing to God while refusing to share their faith. Evangelism may not always be easy however it is an imperative command given by Jesus. God expects His children to “bear much fruit” (John 15:8).