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Wondering What to Believe?

  1. Does Nature Give Proof of God?
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  2. Can I Hear God's Voice?
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  3. Who is God?
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  4. Who Wrote the Bible?
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  5. Can I Trust the Bible?
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  6. Is there a Right and Wrong?
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  7. Why Does God Allow Evil?
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  8. Who Am I?
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  9. What is the Meaning of Life?
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  10. Does God Love Me?
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Lesson 10, Digging Deeper 2
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Have you ever had feelings that God didn’t love you or that he wasn’t there for you?

Probably at one time or another, we have all felt that God was distant and wasn’t showing love and care for us. Perhaps you can identify with David and other writers in the book of Psalms who at times honestly express to God their anger, disappointment and negative feelings toward him. These feelings are because of their bodily pain and suffering, the rejection of their friends, the success of their enemies, the growing influence and power of evil and that God did not answer or deliver them in the way that they expected.

A prime example is Psalm 22 that begins, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Read this psalm and notice in the first eighteen verses the outbursts of David against God and why he was saying these things. Beginning in verse 19, David turns back to God and appeals for his help. The remaining verses of the psalm speak of the glory of God and the help and grace that he supplies. This shows us that it is acceptable to be honest with God and express our hurt and disappointment with God. As we work through these feelings, we come to realize that God is not our enemy, but a loving, gracious God who cares for us and responds to our needs.