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Walking to the Promised Land

  1. Wilderness Walking: Trust, Delight, Commit
    2 Digging Deeper
  2. The Blessed Life Ever: Walk in the Ways of the Lord
    2 Digging Deeper
  3. Flawless Footsteps: Walk as Christ Walked
    2 Digging Deeper
  4. The View From Down Here: Walk Humbly
    2 Digging Deeper
  5. Watch Where You Step: Walk Carefully
    2 Digging Deeper
  6. Keep on Keeping on: Walk by Faith
    2 Digging Deeper
  7. Stay out of the Shadows: Walk in the Light
    2 Digging Deeper
  8. Follow Your Guide: Walk by the Spirit
    2 Digging Deeper
  9. Walk Tall: Walk Uprightly
    2 Digging Deeper
  10. Choose Wisely: Walk with Wise Men
    2 Digging Deeper
  11. Love, That's All: Walk in Love
    2 Digging Deeper
  12. When No One's Looking: Walk in Integrity
    2 Digging Deeper
  13. Be Good Do Good: Walk in Good Works
    3 Digging Deeper
  14. Leave Your Past Behind: Walk in Newness of Life
    2 Digging Deeper
  15. Remember Who You Are: Walk Worthy
    2 Digging Deeper
  16. Walk with the Father: Walk with God
    6 Digging Deeper

With tiny hands she pushed the chair across the kitchen floor
Until she reached the counter where the bowl and momma were.
Her eyes grew wide and with a smile she opened up the drawer
Then found herself a slotted spoon and asked, “Can I help stir?”

The mother lifted up her child and stood her on the chair
She moved in close and gently grasped the hand that held the spoon.
Together ‘round the bowl they stirred with purpose and with care
Anticipating what would be a treat for sharing soon.

The two of them stood side by side and worked just like a team
One sprinkled in a pinch of salt, the other mixed it in.
A couple eggs, two cups of flour, a half a cup of cream,
There’s sugar on the counter and some batter on a chin.

As moments passed, the mother looked upon her precious child;
She reflected on the bowl, the spoon, the stirring, and the cake.
How happy it would make their friends, and with that thought she smiled,
Then prayed this inspiration would within her soul awake.

The echo of her daughter’s words still lingered in her mind–
“Can I help stir?” she’d asked her when she first walked in the room.
How often do I ask the same? Are my intentions kind?
Do I stir up my family so that love and works might bloom?

Can I mix in encouragement to build my sisters up?
Would just a pinch of hope be what a fellow Christian needs?
Is there a need for unity? Can I add one more cup?
Could blending in a dash of joy result in faithful deeds?

In helping her sweet little girl stir up a homemade dish
A mother was reminded of a lesson from above:
The gift of exhortation should be every Christian’s wish,
So we can stir each other up to good works and to love.