Three new courses added from partnership with Challenge Youth Conference

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Mathetis is thrilled to announce an exciting lineup of three new courses titled, “It Matters,” “In Need,” and “Stay.” These courses are developed in collaboration with Challenge Youth Conference, an annual youth conference held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and Dallas, Texas. Each course offers a blend of authors and lessons that are upbeat, quick and specifically designed to captivate and engage young minds. 

It Matters by Challenge Youth Conference

The course, “It Matters” leads us through a ten-lesson Bible study series about being the Christian you are called to be and why everything matters when it comes to your faith. It explores why every aspect of our faith holds significance, be it our personal relationship with God, active involvement in the church, or fostering meaningful connections with others. Through thought-provoking lessons, participants will come to realize that when it comes to their spiritual journey – everything matters.

In Need by Challenge Youth ConferenceThe course, “In Need,” offers a captivating ten-lesson Bible study that revolves around our innate longing for fulfillment in this life. It sheds light on the ultimate source of satisfaction—Jesus. By examining the various attributes we yearn for, this series guides participants towards discovering how these needs can be met through Him and His people. It is a powerful exploration of finding true contentment in God alone.

Stay by Challenge Youth ConferenceThe last course, “Stay,” is a 13-lesson study series that challenges students to cling to what is from God and away from what is unholy. Above all else, it emphasizes the importance of staying closely connected to God in order to cultivate qualities such as alertness, humility, discernment, faithfulness, focus, gratitude, joy, strength, and holiness. Study participants will be inspired to walk the path of righteousness and choose a life that honors God.

At CYC, Jerry Elder encouraged course participation to 12,000 attendees saying, “Congregations, you need to utilize [Mathetis] and this material to help your congregation grow. It is great for in-house, but it is an outreach tool that you can [use to] reach out to [others].” With over 500 eager attendees registering on Mathetis after the weekend event, it became evident that these courses serve as both an enriching in-house resource and an invaluable tool for outreach initiatives.

The exciting collaboration between Mathetis and the Challenge Youth Conference promises to empower young individuals on their spiritual journey. Through these courses, they will gain the necessary knowledge and guidance to navigate the challenges of modern life, ensuring a strong foundation in faith and a meaningful relationship with God.

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