Texas youth group ‘more confident’ in teaching gospel after using Mathetis

ROUND ROCK, Texas – The Westside church of Christ youth group in Round Rock, Texas expected to travel to Vermont for their summer mission trip. Group members spent multiple weeks in preparation and prayer before finding out their trip was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

Despite the cancellation, the Westside youth group experienced significant spiritual growth and evangelistic opportunities through their thorough preparation for their trip using Mathetis. Westside’s preparation included starting a prayer journal, writing out and reflecting on their personal testimony, and starting a study with a friend on Mathetis. Throughout this process, God’s providential hand opened new doors for the Westside youth group.

Hannah Sherwin, a teenager at Westside, expressed significant growth during her preparation. “I found that my prayer life became healthier; and I was thinking more about what I was praying for every day,” she said. “Towards the end of our preparation, we began a study with someone we had been assigned to pray for. This was difficult at first, but following the Mathetis lessons helped for both of us to gain something from the Bible studies.”

“Mathetis has been amazing,” Bryson Davis, a senior at Westside, said. He expressed gaining “more confidence” in sharing the gospel while using Mathetis. “It has given me a roadmap and tools to conduct a personal Bible study. I no longer have an issue with not knowing what to talk about… I personally have been having a Bible study with one of my friends, and I’ve never felt more confident in sharing my faith than when I’m using the Mathetis lessons.”

Despite the cancelled mission trip, Lauren White found the preparation rewarding and fruitful. “I found the [Mathetis] app helpful to study with my friend and talk about important topics,” she said. “Even though we were not able to go on the trip in July, I am grateful for the opportunity to increase my confidence in sharing God’s Word.”

God is truly at work in the lives of His young people. Mathetis is an excellent and effective tool to share the gospel and strengthen your own personal walk with God. Learn how Mathetis’ Bible curriculum, “The Reaching Series,” can be used to encourage your youth groups, small groups, and adult Bible classes to spread the gospel.

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