Something Happened When I Prayed by Dan Winkler

Study the New Course on Prayer with Dan Winkler

Mathetis is excited to announce a new course, “Something Happened When I Prayed,” from our author partner, Dan Winkler. This new course leads us into the throne room of God, alerting us to all that goes on up there when we pray down here. Winkler writes, “Prayer helps so much but can hurt so deeply. It demonstrates the depth of our trust but can destroy our faith. It draws us close to God but can make God feel far away.” This course is designed to show us God hears and God is near.

This course can be paired with Winkler’s book, “Something Happened When I Prayed.” He has also written the “Study Guide for ‘Prayer’” which can be used by Bible class teachers and small group leaders.

Dan Winkler lives in Spring Hill, TN with his wife, Diane. He has shared the story of Jesus on university campuses, in churches, convention centers and living rooms all across the U.S.

Winkler has written two additional books from D&D Publications which accompany Mathetis courses “Forgiven, Forgiving and Free” and “Grace: Simply Incredible, Incredibly Simple.” He has also written several books within his family’s publication company, Winkler Publications.

To learn more about Dan Winkler, visit his website at

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