October Outreach Update

This month, our Mathetis team is hard at work spreading seeds of God’s word far and wide throughout the internet. Utilizing great content from our “Wondering What to Believe” and “In Need of a Savior” courses, we’ve been posting short videos on social media to provide truth to all who see it and pique interest in studying the Bible using Mathetis. So far in our efforts on Facebook and Instagram, we have reached over 2 million people. Meaning more than 2 million people have seen posts from Mathetis in their feed and possibly had the seed of truth planted in their hearts. If you come across an “ad” from Mathetis over the next few weeks on your Facebook feed, feel free to share the post on your own page!  

Along with our efforts on social media, we have also been reaching people who are using Google to search for answers to questions like, “What does it mean to be born again,” “Does nature give proof of God,” “Who is Jesus,” etc. There is a lot of non-biblical teaching promoted on Google to answer these questions, so it’s very important that the truth is present and prevalent! We have had multiple responses from people on Google asking us more questions about God and the Bible. These are exciting times, and we pray these people will join us on Mathetis and continue studying God’s word! 

What can you do to help as these seekers come to Mathetis? Now is a great time to start completing courses so you’ll be qualified to mentor. You can also start posting your own study groups on the Study Board. This is a proactive tool to cast your line out to people who are seeking a group to study with. Lastly, if we receive any specific requests from seekers to be connected directly to a mentor, we will be posting these requests on our Mathetis Mentors Study Group on the group feed. Please watch for these posts. If you are interested in accepting any specific request and would like us to contact you directly, please let us know by emailing help@mathetis.org 

In this digital age, Mathetis is reaching out to meet people where they are. On Google, we are meeting people where they’re seeking answers. On social media, we are meeting people where they spend their time. On Mathetiswe are teaching people who desire to learn the truth! Thank you for your desire to mentor those who are looking! Our prayer is that your studies on and off Mathetis are fruitful and the seeds are planted, watered and that God will continue to provide the growth. 

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