New Updates Coming Soon

We are excited to announce Mathetis will soon undergo major updates to the website and app. Our updates include a fresh new look and improved functionality. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come very soon:

Updates Include:

  • New screen designs and navigation on the app and website
    • New website course sidebar
    • Re-engineered home page and course page on the app
    • Ability to read the discussion questions and comments while replying to questions and exercises
  • New notifications for better study and engagement
    • When group members respond to questions and exercises within courses
    • When group members post to the group page
    • Progress reminders
    • When group members reply to your posts
  • In-app instant messaging
  • Security improvements
  • General bug fixes
  • New courses

If you have any helpful feedback, suggestions, or bugs needing to be fixed, please email us at

New Courses Coming Soon!

Get the inside SNEAK PEAK of the new Mathetis course “Seeking the Family of God.” This lesson is entitled, “What is the Church?”

Seeking the Family of God

by Mathetis Originals

Have you ever asked, “Am I in Christ? Where do I belong? How does God want me to live? Why are there so many different Christian religions?” This course helps us understand where we belong in Christ and how God wants us to live and worship him in accordance to his will.

The Gospel: Good News for a Change

by Evangelism University

In a world full of negativity, the Gospel of Christ is good news for a change. Learn how to give the gift of the Gospel of Christ which brings salvation, hope, peace and grace to a broken world.

Twisted Scripture

by Ripple of Light

There are many passages of scripture our society misunderstands. As a result, they miss out on the rich truths God wants to reveal to us. This series looks at a few of the commonly misunderstood scriptures to gain a richer understanding and appreciation for God and his Word.

Good Grief

by Ripple of Light

While on earth, Christians are not shielded from the pain, grief and suffering the world bears. This series interviews Christians who have experienced grief and share how their experiences impacted their relationship with God.

Did God Really Create the Universe?

by Apologetics Press

Nothing makes sense if an ultimate Creator does not exist, but everything makes sense if He does. Study questions concerning creation, our Creator, evolution, scientific evidences for a created world, and what the Bible has to say about it all!

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