Mathetis Announces Apologetics Press as New Author

Mathetis expands its course selection by adding “God: The Ultimate Reality” by Apologetics Press. This new course examines the evidence for an all-powerful, supernatural Creator. The course concludes that scientific proof for the existence of God supports and affirms a life of faith and spiritual purpose.

God: The Ultimate Reality” consists of 13 lessons taught by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons, who are two of Apologetics Press’ scholarly writers. The lessons cover numerous scientific proofs for the existence of God. Some of these topics include, “What caused the universe?,” “Where did God come from?,” “How did life begin?,” “Free will and atheism,” “The moral argument,” “If God exists, why do we suffer?,” and “Why doesn’t God show himself?”.

The course includes 4-8 questions within each lesson to spark discussion within your study group. “God: The Ultimate Reality” also includes over 50 digging deeper pages for further study.

Kyle Butt, who has served in the Bible Department at Apologetics Press for over 20 years, says, “I am constantly amazed at the doors the Lord opens to accomplish His Great Commission. This joint effort between Apologetics Press and Mathetis offers an exciting opportunity to help untold numbers of lost souls build a strong and active faith in their Creator.”

Eric Lyons, who joined the Bible Department at Apologetics Press in 2001 says, “Apologetics Press is honored to team up with Mathetis to offer an increasingly visual society a structured video series regarding some of the most important questions of our time. To God be the glory!”

Apologetics Press was established to provide scripturally sound and scientifically accurate materials in the field of Christian apologetics. For more than 30 years, Apologetics Press has published and distributed materials for self-study, group study and evangelistic purposes. Currently, Dr. Dave Miller serves as the Executive Director. Dr. Miller, Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons and Dr. Jeff Miller compose the full-time professional writing staff, assisted by an auxiliary staff of scientists and other writers.

Since 1981, Apologetics Press has published a monthly journal on Christian evidences entitled, Reason & Revelation. Dr. Dave Miller serves as the editor. Reason & Revelation is a central teaching medium of Apologetics Press. Since 1990, Apologetics Press has also published Discovery, a monthly magazine on Scripture and science for youth. Kyle Butt serves as editor, and Eric Lyons serves as associate editor. Apologetics Press publishes numerous high-quality books, tracks, audio and video materials. Learn more by visiting

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