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Mathetis Adds a New Apologetics Author

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Apologetics 101 by the Daily Apologist

Mathetis welcomes the newest author partner, The Daily Apologist, accompanied by their course Apologetics 101. The Daily Apologist is an online apologetics organization dedicated to equipping Christians to engage culture. They strive to meet a growing need for philosophical arguments in defense of the Christian faith on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

William Bush, Product Manager for Mathetis, said, “We are excited to welcome The Daily Apologist as an author on Mathetis and partner with World Bible School (WBS). They have a strong passion for both apologetics and evangelism. Their ability to engage within our current culture and new generations to teach the truth in love is something all Christians should strive to imitate.” Dean Meadows, Co-Founder of The Daily Apologist, said, “We live in the digital and social media age. These platforms provide the church an opportunity to reach into the biggest mission field on the planet. We also recognize that Christians are leaving the faith at alarming rates because so many aren’t prepared to adequately give a defense of why they believe what they believe. The Daily Apologist is overjoyed to partner with WBS to provide Christians with practical, relevant apologetics material that equips Christians to engage today’s culture. WBS has a longstanding history of being a forward thinking organization which, like The Daily Apologist, seeks to meet people where they are so the Gospel can change who they are. We look forward to serving the Kingdom alongside such a wonderful group of Christians.”

The Daily Apologist Board Member, Brett Farr said, “I am so pleased to have the content of the Daily Apologist included in the WBS curriculum. As our world continues to be challenged with education against God, this will provide another tool to teach the truth about our Heavenly Father.”  Dale Jenkins, Board Member for The Daily Apologist, said, ““There is so much positive happening among God’s People today. The Daily Apologist is designed to meet those struggling with their faith with resources directed squarely at rebuilding or bolstering that faith. WBS provides venues and accessible material that is quality and solid. TDA is excited and honored to announce that we will be entering a mutually encouraging and brotherhood serving partnership with them.”

Visit their website for online blogs, podcasts and videos. They also conduct seminars and teach classes in-person and online. Contact them to schedule a visit or find out when they will be in your area.

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