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In Need of a Savior

  1. Who is Jesus?
    3  Digging Deeper
  2. Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?
    3  Digging Deeper
  3. What is the Covenant Jesus Offers?
    3  Digging Deeper
  4. Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?
    3  Digging Deeper
  5. What does Jesus' Resurrection Mean to Me?
    3  Digging Deeper
  6. Why Should I Be Like Jesus?
    3  Digging Deeper
  7. How Can I Find Life Through Death?
    3  Digging Deeper
  8. What Change Does God Expect of Me?
    3  Digging Deeper
  9. What Does it Mean to Repent?
    3  Digging Deeper
  10. How Can I Be Born Again?
    4  Digging Deeper
  • Question 01
    What bothers you most about our world?
  • Question 02
    Where do you think our struggles in this world come from?
  • Question 03
    Do you ever find yourself participating in empty things to fill a void or comfort a desire which may be missing in your life? How have these actions affected you?
  • Question 04
    In what ways do you think we are connected to the first man and woman— Adam and Eve? How might we share in their outcome? How may it be different? How do you think creation itself was affected by Adam and Eve’s choices, along with our own?
  • Question 05
    The video states that one of the reasons Jesus came to Earth was to restore what was lost. First, what does restore mean? Second, what was lost?
  • Question 06
    What do you feel is Jesus’ reaction to those who are hurting or in need of help? Do you think Jesus knows this? Do you feel he cares?
  • Question 07
    Why do you think Jesus came to earth?
  • Exercise 01
    Read Luke 19:1-10. How did Jesus engage with the ‘sinner’ named Zacchaeus? If Jesus was on earth again today, how do you think he would engage with you. What does Jesus mean when he states, “…the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost”?
  • Exercise 02
    A prior question asks, ‘What bothers you most about this world?’ Pick a problem from the list above and discuss how you might be able to do something about it. Start doing some of these things. Follow up with the group to let them know what action you took that helped the situation. It can be a grand task or a small deed to help those around you and show others the love of God.