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Wondering What to Believe?

  1. Does Nature Give Proof of God?
    8  Digging Deeper
  2. Can I Hear God's Voice?
    8  Digging Deeper
  3. Who is God?
    8  Digging Deeper
  4. Who Wrote the Bible?
    8  Digging Deeper
  5. Can I Trust the Bible?
    7  Digging Deeper
  6. Is there a Right and Wrong?
    7  Digging Deeper
  7. Why Does God Allow Evil?
    9  Digging Deeper
  8. Who Am I?
    7  Digging Deeper
  9. What is the Meaning of Life?
    7  Digging Deeper
  10. Does God Love Me?
    5  Digging Deeper
  • Question 01
    Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you?
  • Question 02
    Share three questions you could ask to gain a better understanding of who you are.
  • Question 03
    How can an understanding or a misunderstanding of who one truly is dictate their daily actions and their ultimate future?
  • Question 04
    Why is it important to know where we came from?
  • Question 05

    27 So God created man in his own image,

    in the image of God he created him;

    male and female he created them. -Genesis 1: 27 (ESV)

    What does it mean for us to be created in the image of God in Genesis 1:27?
  • Question 06
    How have we contaminated our likeness to God? What are the consequences to this contamination? Who did God send to reconcile these differences?
  • Question 07
    Do you agree or disagree with the statement made by the narrator: We are here to live our lives as children of God? What does it mean to be a ‘child of God’?
  • Question 08
    Do you ever have a longing or a desire for something better? In light of Romans 8:23, why do you think this is?
  • Question 09
    How would you respond if you were asked: Where did you come from? Why are you here on earth? What happens when you die?
  • Exercise 01
    Have you ever been told you look like your mom or dad? In what ways do you resemble your parents? Read Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 5:3. How does your likeness to your parents help you understand our likeness to God?
  • Exercise 02
    Read Romans 8:12-17 and discuss with your group who are the sons of God and why is there a need for adoption?
  • Exercise 03
    Read Ephesians 2:5-10. As we are reborn or adopted again as sons of God through Christ and our likeness to God is restored, what does Paul say becomes our purpose?