• Question 01
    What is worship?
  • Question 02
    Who is the focus of our worship? How should this understanding impact the way in which we worship?
  • Question 03
    When we lose focus on who our worship is for, we start to make it about us. What tends to happen when we change worship to fit our own desires and wishes?
  • Question 04
    Can we expect God to give us a pattern for what we do in worship as well as the attitude that we should have in Christian worship? Why is this important?
  • Question 05
    What do I “do” in the worship of the church? What is the pattern God set for our worship? (Check the digging deeper section for additional insight).
  • Question 06
    The New Testament always teaches us that worship is about a “relationship” with God. What are the dynamics of a healthy relationship with God our Father in Christian worship?
  • Question 07
    How would your worship change if Jesus walked into your worship service?
  • Exercise 01
    Share with your Mathetis group how you try to make your daily life a life of worship.
  • Exercise 02
    Compare the New Testament pattern of worship with your worship experiences. Discuss with your Mathetis group how we should avoid what Jesus warned about in Matthew 15:9 (Read in Digging Deeper)?