• Question 01
    How bad was the persecution of Christians in the 1st century?
  • Question 02
    Why do you think the speaker feels so strongly about his statement: “When we belittle the word PERSECUTION down to annoyances, we diminish the sacrifice of those persecuted.”? Do you see a progression in magnitude in the words below?
  • Question 03
    How can persecution lead to maturity?
  • Question 04
    Whether in weakness, insult, hardship, persecution, or calamity, how does Christ ask Christians to respond? If you have experienced something in one of these verses, share your reaction with your Mathetis group.
  • Question 05
    What promises does Christ give us if we live faithfully in the face of persecution?
  • Exercise 01
    Write a prayer for the persecuted of the church. Pray this prayer with your Mathetis group.
  • Exercise 02
    Imagine a scenario when you might be called on to endure persecution. Share with your Mathetis group how you hope to respond.