• Question 01
    What are some things that make you feel uncomfortable? Additionally, what are some challenges God has given us that make you feel uncomfortable?
  • Question 02
    Why is our personal comfort so important to us?
  • Question 03
    James writes in James 1:2-4 (read in Digging Deeper) that the testing of your faith can make you “perfect.” The term “perfect” carries the sense of “mature.” How does the testing of our life of faith help me achieve maturity? Tests may not be fun, but can they bring “joy”?
  • Question 04
    Do the tests and discomforts of life mean that God is trying to cause me to fail?
  • Question 05
    Moses, Gideon, and Paul asked God to remove a discomfort in their lives, but God said no. Should that be a reason to leave God? What is God able to do in our weaknesses and discomfort?
  • Question 06
    When differences cause discomfort between people, how should the Christian respond?
  • Question 07
    Fear often causes us to be uncomfortable. It can rob us of our confidence and our ability to move forward in life. What do Christians have that enables us to live fearlessly?
  • Question 08
    Concerning mankind’s desire for comfort, what does Jesus forecast for the Christian life?
  • Exercise 01
    Imagine with your Mathetis group some spiritual activity that is outside your “comfort zone”. Discuss how doing that activity might help you to grow as a person. Try doing that activity. Share with your Mathetis group your experience.
  • Exercise 02
    Make a list of things that cause you fear. Specifically note how those things can rob you of your ability to move forward in your life. Pray that God’s love will help you to overcome that specific fear and hinderance. If willing, discuss with your Mathetis group examples of how God’s love helped you to overcome various fears.