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What is Apologetics and Why Does it Matter?

  • Question 01
    Describe apologetics? What is it? What does it mean? How would we define it in a modern context? Is there a scriptural passage that sums up apologetics?
  • Question 02
    What are the three purposes of apologetics? Are there differences between them? If so, what are they? In your opinion,how do these help us in our Christian walk?
  • Question 03
    What is significant about Paul’s sermon in Act 17 and Romans 1 from an apologetics mindset? What did Paul notice about the city? What did Paul note about the people of the city? In your opinion how is that valuable to our conversations today? How does Paul make his case for God’s existence in Romans 1?
  • Question 04
    Can you relate to the story Dean shared in this lesson? If so, how do you relate to the story? Do you know others who have had similar struggles? If so, write those names down and pray for them now. Regarding deconversion, what are the trends currently in America? How does this impact the Church’s need for apologetics?