• Question 01
    What do you think it looks like to have “ready feet”? To be ready to share the good news?
  • Question 02
    TJ reminds us that Jonah disobeyed the Lord and ran not because the job was too great, but because his heart was full of hate. Who might you find it hard to share the gospel with due to differences, disagreements, or discrimination?
  • Question 03
    What are some obstacles or stumbling blocks we allow to get in the way of others hearing the gospel of peace? How have you specifically seen those in the past year?
  • Question 04
    Is there something you’re unwilling to do for another to hear the gospel? If so, ask God in prayer to remove those stumbling blocks from your life, to clear the way for others to hear the gospel of peace.
  • Question 05
    Were there things TJ said that you had a hard time hearing or agreeing with? Did anything he talked about “trigger” you or seem to get under your skin? Discuss with the group how to help remove further stumbling blocks to sharing the good news with others.
  • Exercise 01
    Think about the exercise from the previous lesson. Did you invite a friend to church? Did you publicly thank God, Jesus, or the Spirit? Did you ask someone how they’re doing spiritually or perhaps shared how you are doing spiritually?
  • Exercise 02
    Offer to pray with someone. It could be as simple as inviting someone in as you pray before a meal. Or maybe you’re catching up with someone and ask, “How can I pray for you?” Whatever it is, simply find a way to ask someone if you can pray with them or for them. Share your plan with your group.