• Question 01
    Kevin pointed out that Mephibosheth’s nurse was probably running away because she feared the new King David would be a danger to Mephibosheth. She couldn’t have misjudged King David’s intentions worse. Running from the king ensured almost 20 years of living crippled and without hope for Mephibosheth. Have you ever felt like running from God? Why did you run?
  • Question 02
    Who do you know that is running from God? Why do you think they have misunderstood the King’s intentions toward them?
  • Question 03
    Unlike the rest of the world, David recognized Mephibosheth as a son, not as a cripple. This is a good reminder that God knows us by our identity, not our deformity. What deformity or problem have you been associated with? What about the person you just mentioned who is running for God? What are they known for? How does God see you and them?
  • Question 04
    Read Psalm 103:8-14 again. Which of the pictures of God’s love jumps off the page at you and gives you the most hope? Which do you think your friend would respond most to?
  • Exercise 01
    Did God reveal someone to you in answer to your prayer from the last lesson? Who have you been praying that God would open a door for conversation for you? Have you already been able to start a conversation? Why or why not?
  • Exercise 02
    In a real life conversation, say something for God today. How you do this is up to you, but do it! Ideally, say something to the person you prayed for in the last lesson or the person you identified as running from God with no hope. You may mention church, or invite the person to a church event, or you may end up talking about how things are going spiritually. Maybe you could arm yourself with some of the words of scripture that offer hope. Kevin listed several areas in which the gospel gives hope. Those verses are listed below if you want to look them up and steal a phrase from them! It doesn’t have to be a deep conversation. Just sprinkle a seed or two, or water what’s already been planted. Of course if it gets deep, that’d be ok, too! Rom 8:1, Rom 7:6, Eph 2:13, Col 1:13, Col 1:13, Rom 5:1, Heb 10:14, Rom 8:15, Eph 2:18, 1 Pt 2:5, Heb 13:5, 1 Pt 1:4