• Question 01
    Matt spoke of the imprint that the apostle Paul left on people and how that imprint was his drive and motivation. What motivates or drives you? Where does that motivation/drive come from?
  • Question 02
    Paul wrote a lot about anxiety and how faith in God could give him a peace that “surpasses understanding.” What are some things that you worry about or find yourself being anxious about?
  • Question 03
    Matt emphasized that without the grace of God, there is no good news, salvation, or hope. What does he mean by the grace of God and what blessings do we inherit because of it?
  • Question 04
    Matt spent time in 1 Timothy 1:12-16 and walked us through how we’re forgiven, saved by grace, counted as faithful, and enabled for good works. How have you seen boldness in your own life or the lives of others when it comes to sharing the gospel with others?
  • Question 05
    God loves you so much. Did you know that? God loves you so much that he was willing to give up his Son for you “even when” you didn’t deserve it, were considered an enemy, and were opposed to God. How might God’s amazing love and amazing grace for you transform the core motivation or drive of your life? What attitudes, behaviors, priorities, or relationships might need to change?
  • Exercise 01
    Who did you pray with or for since the last lesson? Regardless if it’s an encouraging story, or a story where your offer was rejected, share the experience with your group.
  • Exercise 02
    Ask someone to pray for you and for what you’re striving to do for the Lord. Don’t be shy or afraid to ask people to go before God on your behalf. Remember, God answers prayers!