• Question 01
    Kenneth pointed out that a gift allows you to see the love of the person who gave the gift. Other than your salvation, what is the best gift someone has given you and how did it demonstrate their love?
  • Question 02
    Read Romans 5:6-11. Notice how often he points out our situation when Christ was given for us. The point of the passage is that if Christ did that while we were enemies and dead…how much more will he save us now that we are trying to live as his friends! How have you had a small view of God’s love for you in the past? How has that translated into a small view of God’s love for the people around you?
  • Question 03
    Kenneth referenced 2 Corinthians 9:15 where Paul says, “Thank God for his Son—his Gift too wonderful for words.” Other translations call it an “indescribable gift.” While we can’t possibly paint an accurate picture of the gift of the gospel with words, that doesn’t mean it’s not good to try. How do you describe what God has given you?
  • Question 04
    Coming full circle, in the first lesson we were challenged to not let the indescribable gift of the gospel stay with us. If you haven’t already begun sharing the gospel, now is the time to start. Kenneth advised to: 1. Be intentional 2. Be kind 3. Be truthful. He challenged us not to compromise the truth, but to contextualize it for the individual soul who needs to hear it from us right now. Who will you be intentional about sharing the gospel with this week? How do you think they need to have it presented to them? Allow the group to help make suggestions and to pray about it.
  • Exercise 01
    In the last lesson, you were asked to have someone pray for you and the work you are attempting to do in and for the Kingdom. What prayers have you seen answered already? What have you done to help be a part of the answer to the prayer? If the prayer has not been answered yet, what can you do to be a part of the answer to the prayer?