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Did God Really Create the Universe?

  1. Anything Finely Tuned Demands a Fine Tuner
    6  Digging Deeper
  2. Six Reasons Not to Believe in Evolution
    6  Digging Deeper
  3. Why Address the Age of the Earth?
    4  Digging Deeper
  4. Creation vs Evolutionary Chronology
    3  Digging Deeper
  5. The Day Age Theory
    4  Digging Deeper
  6. Miracles and the Age of the Earth
    4  Digging Deeper
  7. Man and the Age of the Earth
    3  Digging Deeper
  8. When did God Create Dinosaurs?
    6  Digging Deeper
  9. Where did the Human Race Come From?
    3  Digging Deeper
  • Question 01
    What is the main reason people view the Earth as very old? What often gets ignored in this discussion?
  • Question 02
    What do catastrophes have to do with the Earth’s age?
  • Question 03
    How does the concept of God’s miracles affect our understanding of the appearance of the Earth’s age?
  • Question 04
    What does starlight have to do with the age of the Earth and Universe?
  • Question 05
    How do you believe the world came to appear the way it does today? Why?