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Matthew 7:1 – Judge Not, that You be Not Judged

Background Scripture:

Matthew 7:1
Judge not, that you be not judged.

Podcast Sections:

00:00   Intro and favorite verses
02:06   Top three favorite verses on internet
04:59   How Christians and non-Christians often use Matthew 7:1
06:36   Context is needed for understanding
08:06   This is still a need for judgement
10:01    One can look at behaviors based upon fruit
11:40    What is the right kind of judgement?
15:33    What is righteous judgement?
17:01    God is needed to make a proper judgement
21:53    We are fruit inspectors
24:15    The purpose of judgement among Christians
26:47   Judgement needed to help and evangelize
31:05    Only God can judge me
32:17    Relationships needed with judgement

Question 01

Imagine someone looking only at Matthew 7:1. How do people misapply this verse? Now, add Matthew 7:5. How does this one additional verse shift its initial meaning?

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Question 02

Based on this program, what would happen if Christians stopped judging others entirely?

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Question 03

What is the Biblical way to decide if someone needs to be corrected?

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Question 04

What is the proper attitude we should have if we are going to correct a fellow Christian?

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Question 05

At what point does judgement become unrighteous instead of righteous?

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