Background Scripture:

Psalm 119:103
How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (referenced at 27:07)

Podcast Sections:

0:00 Introduction to today’s segment, interpreting scripture
0:44 Interpretation answers the question, “So what?” through five questions *See Note Below
1:40 Bible not written to us, but for us, but we have to take it personally
5:03 “The best preachers are the ones that preach to themselves first.”
6:27 Take what it meant to what it means now
8:27 Discussion of the meaning of Jeremiah 29:11
10:59 Forcing a scripture to sound “inspirational” shortchanges us from the truth
12:29 The harm of turning the Bible into a self-help book or a rules book
15:38 The danger of “putting ourselves” in the Bible
19:55 The “Just Do It” aspect of Bible study and its result
22:50 Becoming proficient in Bible knowledge requires persistence
24:45 Becoming proficient in Bible knowledge requires patience
25:47 Trust God in your Bible study
26:47 Our goal in Bible study
27:45 Review of tools that can help in Bible study, including prayer
30:01 Talking about what you learn can help energize your Bible study
31:55 Be humble about your new knowledge and understandings
34:12 This is God’s book and we don’t have the authority to challenge Him

The five questions referenced at 0:44 – Interpretation answers the question, “So what?” by answering:

  • What should I do? (the question of obligation)
  • What should I be (the question of character)
  • What should I devote my time and energy to (the question of priorities)
  • How can I determine right and wrong and best from good (the question of discernment)
  • What does this say about God (the question concerning relationship)
  • Question 01
    Chris talks about how people misuse Jeremiah 29:11 (at 8:27). Read Jeremiah 29:10-12 in Digging Deeper. Discuss how combining all three verses shifts the understanding of verse 11.
  • Question 02
    Fred discusses (at 21:07) how Bible study wouldn’t be an issue if we approached it as an infant longing for milk (I Peter 2:2, find in Digging Deeper). Why is it so hard to get into a habit of studying the Bible?
  • Question 03
    Read II Peter 1:3-7 (Digging Deeper) and discuss how the Bible and Bible knowledge relate to this passage. (Hint: part of this is discussed by Sam at 25:47)
  • Question 04
    After listening to this program and, hopefully, this series, has it changed your attitude about Bible study? Do you think you might improve your study of God’s word?