• Question 01
    What – more than anything else – can we hope to enjoy when Jesus returns?
  • Question 02
    When Jesus returns, He will raise the dead. What does this thought mean to you personally? Who do you want to embrace and be with most of all after the dead are raised?
  • Question 03
    What do you hope to hear from Jesus when He returns? What do you think you will hear? Why?
  • Question 04
    What reward are we hoping to receive when Jesus returns? What aspects of this give you hope and joy?
  • Question 05
    In your opinion, how can hope help us in our walk with God?
  • Exercise 01
    In studying what we have called “The Feast of God’s Favor,” we have focused on: (1) that which prepares us to know Jesus, (2) the blessings we enjoy because of our relationship with Jesus and (3) the hope we have of living with Jesus. Reflect back over these three lessons and specify what “tasted” the best to you. Explain why.