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Grieving the Loss of a Loved One to Suicide

Podcast Sections:

01:50     Use of hypnotherapy with grief over someone’s suicide
03:24    When is grief no longer appropriate?
06:10    Healthy ways to deal with grief
07:36    How is the grief from suicide different from other types of grief?
11:57      State of soul with those that commit suicide
12:44     Stephen’s response to the state of the soul for those that commit suicide
14:28     Comparing one’s suffering to another isn’t relevant
17:03     Teenager’s brain not fully developed
18:19     Those coming out of depression more likely to consider suicide
19:30    What do you say to those considering suicide?
20:34    Are there common threads among those contemplating suicide?
21:47     A theory that childhood is when some people become prone towards suicide
23:20    When one grieving is upset that the person committing suicide never came to them
26:01    How to handle guilt over a suicide
27:23    We sometimes deflect our guilt onto others
30:23    Signs that someone is considering suicide
31:55     How common are suicide notes?

  • Question 01
    Stephen recommends a ceremony a year after the death of a loved one (06:38). How might this be beneficial?
  • Question 02
    Stephen says that grief can be different when suicide is involved because of feelings of guilt (07:36). Have you seen this? How can people get past this guilt?
  • Question 03
    Stephen says that guilt over a death can result in deflecting blame onto others (27:23). Have you seen deaths result in divorces or ending of relationships? Was blame part of the reason for the breakups?
  • Question 04
    Stephen mentions Samson (Judges 16:27-30). Samson is also mentioned as a great man of faith in Hebrews 11. Discuss the idea that a man who killed himself is considered a hero of faith.