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  • Question 01
    Can you think of someone who has encouraged you? How would you describe that person?
  • Question 02
    How can our possessions get in the way of us being encouragers like Barnabas? What should we do to keep these things from getting in the way?
  • Question 03
    How can our prestige (the way people think of us) get in the way of us being an encourager to others?
  • Question 04
    Barnabas was one of the first individuals to welcome both Paul and the Hellenistic Jews into the church. How does Barnabas’ example teach us to respond to people with a sinful past or who are different from us?
  • Question 05
    Barnabas continued to encourage John Mark even after he left Paul and Barnabas on their missionary journey. What additional Christian virtues or fruits of the Spirit are necessary to show encouragement to others in this way?