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Seeking the Family of God

  1. Am I In Christ?
    7 Digging Deeper
  2. What is the Kingdom of God?
    3 Digging Deeper
  3. What is the Church?
    5 Digging Deeper
  4. Why Are There So Many Different Christian Religions?
    6 Digging Deeper
  5. How Can I Know the Will of God?
    4 Digging Deeper
  6. How Do I Pray?
    5 Digging Deeper
  7. What is Worship?
    6 Digging Deeper
  8. What is the Significance of the Lord’s Supper?
    5 Digging Deeper
  9. How Do I Become Like Christ?
    6 Digging Deeper
  10. What if there is no New Testament Church Near Me?
    5 Digging Deeper
  • Question 01
    There is nothing wrong with asking the questions, “am I in Christ?” or “am I really saved?” 1 Thessalonians 5:21 says, “test everything; hold fast what is good.” Why would you think it is healthy for us to ask these questions?
  • Question 02
    Have you ever felt doubtful of your relationship with Christ? Did you feel like your doubt was due to your inability to properly obey God or God’s inability or lack of love towards you?
  • Question 03
    What are some of the blessings we can enjoy when we are in Christ? Do you have any personal experiences with these blessings that you can share with your group?
  • Question 04
    What must we do to come into a relationship with Christ?
  • Question 05
    What does it mean to “Follow Jesus”? How does the idea of commitment relate to this?
  • Question 06
    At what point does our relationship with Jesus start and we begin to enjoy the blessings in Christ?
  • Question 07
    Is it possible to know for certain if we are in Christ? Why or why not?
  • Exercise 01
    As a study group, look up some of the “in Christ” statements in scripture and make a list of God’s blessings for those “in Christ.” For those of you that are Christians, what are some of the blessings you have personally experienced by being in Christ?
  • Exercise 02
    After this lesson if you are still left questioning whether you are in Christ or if you realize that you have not properly followed God’s direction to be in Christ, we want to provide you with a few options that can help you take the next step. If you would like to speak with someone, the group leader(s) can invite a Mentor to this study group who can help answer any questions you might have. If you are not a group leader, you can create your own personal group, which immediately invites a Mentor to join you in a one-on-one personal study. If you would like a more immediate response, you are always welcome to email us your questions directly at If you are looking for a way to continue studying on your own or as a group on this topic, check out the course, In Need of a Savior, which goes into further detail on what it means to be a follower of Christ and how you can enjoy the blessings that are found in Him. For this exercise, share how you want God to transform you as you continue this study together. As a group pray for each individual’s request and give encouragement to one another.