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Am I In Christ?

Our lesson, “Am I in Christ?” addresses how to come into a relationship with Christ and what it means to follow Jesus. At times, even disciples of Jesus can wonder and even doubt if they are fully in Christ. This is an excellent lesson for people searching to know Jesus as well as Christians seeking to be in Christ each day.

Why Are There So Many Different Christian Religions?

Another aspect of “Seeking the Family of God” is to seek God’s church. But a simple internet search of Christian churches in your area might reveal dozens, if not hundreds of options. “Why are there so many Christian religions?” is one of our lessons that examines how to find a church family and grow closer to God.

What is Worship?

You may have heard people say, “I’m going to worship” or “Let’s worship God,” but what does that mean? Our lesson, “What is Worship?” talks about how we can worship God every day, not only when we are assembled together with other Christians. In our “Digging Deeper” article, the author writes, “All that we do or say is to be said or done in the name of Jesus (Colossians 3:17). That means that everything about us is to give glory to Jesus.” Find the full article here.

Seeking the Family of God” is produced by World Bible School and made specifically for the Mathetis platform. Each lesson contains a dynamic video, discussion questions and exercises for personal and group reflection on the lesson. For further study, each lesson also includes “Digging Deeper” articles which help deepen readers understanding of the topic. Mathetis courses are self-paced allowing lessons to be taken in any order and allowing members to engage with the questions, exercises and digging deeper on their own time.

If you would like assistance on how to best take advantage of this excellent material to meet your study goals, feel free to email us at help@mathetis.org. We are always ready to help you!

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We also have a 13-week Bible class curriculum booklet that accompanies this course and is a part of our 3-set series called the “The Reaching Series.” It can be used as both stand-alone curriculum or in tandem with the Mathetis Original courses. Each quarter includes access to the Mathetis Original videos that work together with the curriculum. You will have the option to download the videos with or without background music so that they are appropriate for the setting in which you choose to use them.

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