Apologetics Press Tackles Creation vs. Evolution

Mathetis is thrilled to release another fascinating course by Apologetics Press titled “Did God Really Create the Universe.” Our knowledge about the universe is ever expanding as scientists make amazing discoveries each year. With all these discoveries, one might wonder how did the universe come to be? Was it by chance or does the intricate design of the universe suggest a designer? Our newest course by Apologetics Press, “Did God Really Create the Universe?” addresses these questions and many more.

This course includes nine lessons taught by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons, who are two of Apologetics Press’ scholarly writers. Lessons cover questions concerning creation, our Creator, evolution, scientific evidences for a created world, and what the Bible has to say about it all!

Lesson Titles:

In the first lesson, “Anything Finely Tuned Demands a Fine Tuner,” Eric Lyons of Apologetics Press discusses the amazing design of our solar system, galaxy and universe. Eric says, “The simple, satisfying answer for why the universe works so well and for why earth is so perfect for life’s existence is because the universe has a fine tune. Just as a fine-tuned automobile demands a tuner, so our fine-tuned universe demands a designer.” 

Watch Lesson One now:

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Invite your friends and family to begin studying “Did God Really Create the Universe” today. This course will guide you to a greater understanding of God’s magnificent power and give you more reasons to glorify his name. Check our other course by Apologetics Press, “God: The Ultimate Reality.”

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