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What is Mathetis?

Mathetis is a brand-new social network designed to connect our world to Christ and His church. It’s intended to be a safe environment for you and your friends to study the Bible alongside fellow students of God’s Word.

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Greek form - mathetes
noun: a learner, pupil, disciple

"and when [Jesus] sat down, his disciples came to him.
And he opened his mouth and taught them.
Matthew 5:1-2


Study a variety of courses written to challenge us to grow and strengthen our faith in God.


Create or join a group. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or Mathetis members to study.


As disciples, we are also called to grow the kingdom. Who needs Jesus? Mathetis can help!

Uses for Mathetis

Study the Bible alongside fellow students of God’s Word. Mathetis can also be used as an evangelistic tool with new acquaintances or loved ones who are lost or wondering what to believe.

Mathetis is great for private group study, families, and friends. You can also study in larger groups like Bible classes, youth groups, home study groups, campus ministries, and so much more!

Study God's Word

Courses are written by World Bible School and a variety of other trusted Christian authors. Your group can engage in interactive multimedia content alongside thought-provoking questions to spark meaningful discussion.

Check out the Mathetis Originals, which are a set of courses that help provide answers to some of life’s most important questions. See all courses!




Study Board


Build Spiritual Connections

We are relational beings created in God’s image. Sadly, many in our world are disconnected from meaningful relationships. We encourage users to create or join a group on Mathetis.

Group studies provide opportunities for accountability, encouragement and discipling. Invite friends you know or get to know new friends by using the study board.

Grow the Kingdom

Christians are called to be disciples and make disciples. Mathetis can be your tool to reach those in need of Christ. You can walk beside other learners or request a mentor to help guide your study group through the questions. Are you looking for an active way to share Jesus? Apply to become a Mentor. Fulfill the Great Commission with Mathetis.

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