What Is Mathetis?

Mathetis is a tool produced by World Bible School for studying interactive Bible courses together in groups online.
Once you’ve registered, simply select a course, create a group and invite your friends to join your study!
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What Included In Our Courses

Study from a variety of Bible courses with your friends and family. Each course includes eloquently produced Bible-based videos accompanied by thought-provoking group discussion questions and in-depth “Digging Deeper” articles designed to help you grow in your faith and knowledge of God’s word.

Who We Are

Mathetis is produced by World Bible School (WBS). WBS is a ministry of the churches of Christ. With no denominational affiliation, the churches of Christ seek simply to be New Testament Christians who joyfully call all people to be one in Christ. The Bible is our only rule of faith, and we seek to pattern ourselves after the teachings of Jesus, His apostles, and the inspired writings of the New Testament.

For a full view of our beliefs about God, the Bible, the church and how to be saved, please review our courses.

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