5 “Twisted” Scriptures and Their True Meaning

Mathetis launches a new course, “Twisted Scripture” by Ripple of Light Ministries, which takes a look at a few commonly misunderstood scriptures to gain a richer understanding and appreciation for God and his word. There are many passages of scripture our society misunderstands. As a result, many miss out on the abundant truths God wants to reveal to us.

This course consists of 5 lessons that dive into the full contextual meaning of several scriptures that are commonly quoted:

Check out a clip from the lesson “Philippians 4:13 – I Can Do All Things”

With this series, you will gain a deeper understanding of God’s word and how to examine the context of scriptures. Chris McCurley brings wise insights to each lesson, pulling from his many years of experience in ministry. Learning how to read God’s word and examine the full meaning of each passage is a skill you can apply to studies throughout your entire life. Begin “Twisted Scripturetoday and enjoy the amazing truths of God’s word and guidance for your life.

Twisted Scripture” is produced by Ripple of Light Ministries, a Christian multimedia ministry that spreads news of the Gospel throughout the world with podcasts, topical programs and series. This series is a part of the Dear Church podcast hosted by Chris McCurley. Ripple of Light Ministries has two other podcast series. Truth Culture, hosted by James Graham, examines difficult issues concerning our culture and the truths of the Bible. Connect, hosted by Noah Davis, a student at Freed-Hardmen University, discusses issues facing his generation. This dynamic ministry strives to bring the word of God to all people through relatable topics and relevant modes of communication.

To find out more about Ripple of Light Ministries and their amazing programs, visit their website at rippleoflight.org. They can also be found on Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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