5 New Features You Will Love on Mathetis!

The Highlights

Our fresh new update to our website and app are now live! These updates will help you study God’s word and connect with other Christians with ease. Check out the new features you will find on Mathetis.

Update Your App!

Visit App Store or Google Play to download the latest version of Mathetis. You may experience issues if the app is not updated.

Upgraded Course Navigation

Security Improvements

App Platform Additions

New Courses


Explore the Update

New Lessons Sidebar

The new lesson sidebar will make it easier to navigate through your course by providing access to every lesson at any given moment. You can move from lesson to lesson reviewing other group members’ responses or finding video content that you wish to view again. The sidebar also allows you to see the “Digging Deeper” articles so you can find articles that interest you and will enhance your understanding of the topic. This amazing extra content was previously several clicks away but now it is easy to find and utilize.

Improved Design and Navigation

Our updated app features new modern screen designs and improved navigation. Members who primarily use our app will especially enjoy the ability to read discussion questions and type your answer within the same screen. 

In-App Messaging

In-app messaging is now available on the app. Stay more connected with others on Mathetis. Your messages, can be found by clicking the “More” menu icon. This feature will allow members to communicate back and forth in real time on the app.

New Notifications, Improved Communication

We are excited about the new notifications to improve communication between your fellow group members. You now be notified when a group member participates in your course study. Respond quickly and participate in engaging discussion. Be sure to turn on your email and push notifications. On the app, visit your Settings to adjust the Push Notifications and and Email Preferences. On the website, adjust the Email Preferences under the Account tab.

Improved Courses and Lesson Pages

Our improved course page has smaller images and more concise titles allowing users to see more courses at once. This will make browsing through the courses and getting started on a study a quicker process. Also check out our updated homepage which gives users more information at their fingertips when they log in to Mathetis.

Security Improvements

On Mathetis, your personal information is always protected. Groups are always private and can only be joined by invitation. Now, members can only be found by specifically searching someones name. Please continue to follow basic online safety guidelines. Do not share any information with someone on Mathetis that you do not know personally and do not accept a friend request from someone you do not know.

Check out our NEW "How To" Videos:

5 New Courses

We are also releasing five new courses from a variety of authors. These courses widen the variety of subjects we offer so you can easily find a study to match your interests. Check out more information about these courses and begin studying with your friends and family.

Check it out, NOW!

We invite you to discover the dynamic new functionalities of Mathetis. Find a course that interests you, create a group and invite friends to study with you. Deepen your faith through engaging Bible study videos and discussion questions. Learn from others in your group as you study together. Teach others about Christ, God’s grace, forgiveness, and many other topics. The options are endless on how God will use Mathetis to bless you and others. Begin your journey now!

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