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Wondering What to Believe

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the meaning of life? Can I really know God? Does He care for me?” Most often, our lives leave us with more questions than answers. This course is designed to prove that God loves you and He is the only one who can answer life’s most important questions!

In Need of a Savior

Do you feel lost, broken, or helpless? We make a mess of our lives that leaves us hopeless and in need of a Savior and Jesus is the only one who can make things right again. This course helps you understand who Jesus is and how He can make you brand new again!

Seeking the Family of God

Have you ever asked, “Am I in Christ? Where do I belong? How does God want me to live? Why are there so many different Christian religions?” This course helps us understand where we belong in Christ and how God wants us to live and worship him in accordance to his will.

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